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A teacher affects eternity.  You can never tell where the influence stops. 

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SEAM Plus is an Educational, Spiritual, Character, Career, Training and Writing Center that prepares individuals to become "dressed for 

success" toward their future endeavors. SEAM provides a professional learning foundation that is interconnected between school, home, and community.  Training will focus on the needs of Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students to promote a continuous journey toward life-long learning and professionalism. 

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The Exit Ticket

This card will help you to grasp what your students have learned from your lesson and the questions that you may need to address the following day. The Exit Card may help you to plan your next lesson accordingly. Students can complete their card before leaving class.
There are 4 cards to a page for economical printing.

Classroom Management Form

Great form to use for classroom management and documentation. You may print this form as a blank form or you may type directly on the form, save it as your classroom template and make as many copies as needed. This is great for placing your Roster on the form first and making copies. The form is a pdf file. There is only 1 page to this form.

Number of the Day

This Number of the Day activity is great for 2nd - 5th Grade. It helps students to practice their math skills on a daily basis. Concepts included in this activity include: Tally Marks, Prime vs Composite, Greater Than, Less Than, a Number Bond and more. This can also make a great activity for a learning center. $1.00



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